How To Feed A Vegan Dog In The UK

Updated On 04-Mar-2021 By Dr. Susanna

I have so many questions. My boy is allergic and intolerant to all meats including fish and eggs and some other foods as well as four kinds of dust and storage mites. He has been seeing a holistic vet for a year now and has improved so much thanks to the immune and organ supports he takes everyday. But his food is the last thing to get right. I fasted him for 24 hours and then for the next 24 hours he ate watermelon. He then started a plant-based diet. I'm confident in what and how much to feed him. He has PET Plus, flax, nutritional yeast and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar in each meal. But I need help with what else he needs and where to source the products. I have found many but none from the UK . I hope you can help me thanks.

Rebecca Richards

Dr Susanna's Response

Thanks for your enquiry. Congratulations on having a vegan dog now! If I understood your question correctly, you want to know what to feed him, specifically with things that grow in UK. Is that right?

So first, sources of protein, because dogs are essentially protein users. However they are also scavengers and as such incredibly adaptable. So nuts and seeds are the main sources of protein ... and fat actually. They tend to together!


Walnuts are the best as they are rich in the anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils and they grow in UK.

  • Soak them to get rid of enzyme inhibitors
  • Sprout or germinate to activate the enzymes and massively increase the available nutritional content.


There are numerous wonderful seeds that grow in UK, like sunflower, pumpkin, lentils, pea, chickpea. I would avoid beans altogether. They are so hard to digest and many are toxic, especially any red beans.


Green leafy veg blended as dogs aren't great at chewing (unless it's your best shoes of course....)


Root veg and fruits are carbohydrate rich and so best fed completely separately


Clean filtered water fresh daily, freely available always. Avoid WiFi, switch off at the wall all WiFi, mobile phones, cordless phones (the absolute worst), electrical equipment when not actually in use, to reduce the load of electromagnetic pollution, which does way more harm than we ever realised. No chemicals for anything. No vaccinations at all ever. Use all natural things for all your household cleaning and personal hygiene.

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