How Long Does PET Plus Last Once Opened?

Updated On 19-Feb-2021 By Dr. Susanna

I gave PET Plus daily to my late greyhound Lola. Sadly she passed away in July 2019. My question is how long does PET Plus last, if it has been opened? It’s been in its original container, in a dark, cool cupboard since Lola passed. We’ve just rescued another greyhound (Sarah), and I wanted to know if the powder is still viable to use in Sarah’s food now? I fed Lola on Nutriment raw, and I’ve just started Sarah on it. Thanks so much for your help.

Corinne Broughton

Dr Susanna's Response

Congratulations on rescuing another greyhound. Well done! They often have such a hard life don't they. They are the most graceful movers of all dogs I think. Their spines are so flexible, they get extra distance with every stride. Fabulous to watch!

Sounds like you've kept the PET Plus really well, so I think it'll be fine. Check that it smells OK and looks like a fine powder still. The only thing that deteriorates with time is the viability of the probiotics, but recent research has shown that even the presence of non-viable probiotics works just as well! Isn't nature amazing! So yes, carry on using Lola's pot!

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