Liver Problems In Male Cat

Updated On 08-Feb-2021 By Dr. Susanna

I have a male cat that went down overnight. He was in the vets for five days on an intravenous drip, liver enzymes were down but I am to get him blood tested again on Tuesday as creatinine in kidneys was very high. I have a tub of PET Plus for dogs. Is it OK to give him some of that mixed into his feed ?

Eileen Newman

Dr Susanna's Response

Oh you poor thing. What a shock. Yes, both products for cats and dogs are now the same. In fact I have changed the name of the product to PET Plus for Dogs and Cats.

You can give him 1/4 tsp 4 times daily, gradually increasing every day or 2 from 1/4 tsp daily. Can you feed him raw? It's so much easier to digest. Mix gravy or water with it to get him rehydrated. Don't vaccinate him. Any idea why this started? What had happened in the weeks preceding this event? Happy to support you however I can.

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