Toy Poodle Losing Weight

Updated On 19-Aug-2022 By Dr. Susanna

I received an email about an 18 year old toy poodle with weight loss despite eating well and exercising normally. This was the response I sent back.

To have reached this ripe old age, you have clearly been looking after your poodle beautifully, but here are some suggestions that I hope give you some extra ideas. I can give you some generic advice, but before I can properly answer you, I need some information.

  • What do you feed her?
  • What medications does she take?
  • Has she been vaccinated and if so when and with what?
  • What do you use for worm treatments and when?
  • What are her faeces and urine like?
  • Does she drink much and if so, what?

There is general health advice which you will find throughout my website.

Help You Dog To Put On Weight

To put on some muscle (not fat, so not just weight, but functional weight), give PET Plus with everything she eats. There is no maximum dose! This will help her to digest, absorb and use the food she eats. It will also provide her with numerous nutrients and micronutrients to help her cells (and therefore her whole body) to recover.

Clean up her diet and lifestyle, so stop exposing her to toxic food, drink, air and environment:

  • Feed 100% raw food. There are loads of suppliers of minced whole raw meat, bone and organs.
  • Give only filtered, chemical- free water
  • Turn off internet whenever it is not in use. Includes cell phones (airplane mode and switched off). If you have a smart meter or 5G mast / transmitter anywhere near your house, get rid of it. I hear a sledge hammer works well on smart meters! They are the very worst creation!
  • Switch off all electrical appliances at the wall when not in use, to minimize generation of dirty electricity.
  • Do not vaccinate ever again, do not use any chemicals for anything on him or anywhere near him, so no chemical flea sprays, flea collars, worm treatments, nothing in the house or her environment.
  • Give her loads of love and attention, avoid stressing her in any way, love her, heal her with your loving thoughts and actions
  • Help her to get up if her legs are weak, massage her legs to stimulate blood supply which will bring more good nutrients to her muscles and help them grow. It’ll also take away the toxins.
  • Follow your intuition and common sense!

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