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My name is Michele and our young dog has been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia ... very high hip score. I have been advised to buy her some supplements for her condition. Now me and my wife we are very much for holistic treatments and quality products. We are both vegan and we like and always buy your probiotics as we believe that are made with good ingredients. Are there any products that you might sell or recommend we buy to supplement our dog's diet? I don't want to buy the normal marketed supplements as I don't believe they are good enough. They are basically selling it for the money not for the effectiveness. If you had any ideas I would be very grateful for you help.

Michele Caldon

Dr Susanna's Response

Thanks for your email. Do you feed raw? The best option is to feed minced meat and bone. Giving sufficient bone is essential. Give her raw meaty bones to eat too. 

I know it's tough for us vegans ... so let me know if you want her to be vegan too and I can make lots of mineral rich suggestions! Do you already know how to eat raw living mineral rich vegan foods, using chia seeds, nuts etc etc? Keep her slim and strong, with good muscles. 

Take her swimming every day, then she builds muscles without damaging herself. Clean, filtered, chemical free water t drink. Avoid WiFi and all EMFs as much as possible Have fun! Happy to help.

Michele's Response

Dear Dr. Susanna
Thank you very much for your email. Yes she’s fed raw, lots of her raw food contains bone already. Do you suggest adding more into her diet? I have attached a picture of one of her food containers for ingredients and analysis.

Ingredients in dog food Michele uses

If you could give us some vegan suggestion too that would be lovely so that we could enrich her diet with more minerals. We both work with clients and diets but not with animals unfortunately. I am always ready to learn more about the subject.

Thank you so much again for your advice.

Regards Michele 

Dr Susannah's Reponse

Great diet. Well done. That's fine for bones, offal and everything. You could add blended greens too, like spinach, broccoli, celery to increase the mineral content of her bowl of food.

You could replace a few of her meals with various vegan options. I use a variety of vegetables, for example

  • avocado (excluding skin and stone)
  • coconut
  • chia porridge made with homemade nut milk or coconut milk,
  • all sorts of vegan delicacies we make for ourselves, excluding onion.

In fact, we feed the same food we eat but giving the dogs more protein, so more nuts and seeds, all soaked so they are alive, germinated and without the enzyme inhibitors found in the nut skins. There's more info on this website, which I hope you find useful. I've attached a human diet sheet to give you some more ideas. Looking forward to your comments.

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