What To Give After Antibiotics?

Updated On 19-Aug-2022 By Dr. Susanna

Ellie has been using PET Plus since she was a puppy. All good there. Recently she got stung by a bee which lead to infection due to her scratching, which lead to antibiotics. Aside from the fact I would have done anything to avoid the antibiotics, I had no other route forward. She needed immediate help (or more to the point, I did!). Meanwhile, if it were me I would want probiotics after the course of antibiotics. But... what does one give a dog and for how long. I am concerned my vet will prescribe something awful so I am asking your recommendation and would be so very grateful for it.

Jackie Balderstone

Dr Susanna's Response

I'm in Colombia and recently disturbed a bees nest. I discovered that these bees are extremely aggressive. I ran so fast, but they fly faster! Luckily only one actually stung me. I knocked the others away. Wow. It hurt! My whole lower leg swelled up. 

Arnica, Rescue Remedy, Aloe Vera (using the plant, gel on skin, then a smoothie mixed with lemon juice, water and turmeric and drank it). Ideas for you for next time ...

So now, after antibiotics you're right to know she needs her healthy bacterial population repaired. PET Plus has probiotics and prebiotics in it. So I'd suggest give her double the normal amount for a few weeks. If you intuitively feel the need for more, give her some human probiotics for a couple of weeks and watch what happens. Any deleterious effect, then stop! But probiotics are only good and positive! I've never hear of any problems with giving loads! 

Jackie's Response

Then with a raw food diet, blended greens and PET Plus, her gut biome will be back to normal. And her immune system, digestion, health and vigour will be stronger than ever! Let me know how you get on.

As someone who has always fed Ellie raw and reared her naturally, antibiotics happened due to an emergency situation I had not prepared myself for over the years.  I feel I have let her down because if I had known what to do things would never have escalated but also I am so glad of the way I care for her day to day as it will stand her in good stead.  Plus I have good people around me to help when I need it (you).

As a long term raw foodist myself, who also teaches, or did in Findhorn pre-lockdown, I'm so happy to see all your reference to juices, juicing pulp, raw, vegan, dehydrators etc.  You so speak my language and I probably don't need to tell you that the raw food lifestyle can be a lonely road but oh how I love it.  It’s magical.

You are quite a lady and I'm so grateful you do the work you do.  I do my little bit but you do more!! Gosh the bees.  Sounds absolutely awful.  I’m so glad you knew what to do post the sting and yes I've noted it.  Thank goodness things weren’t worse.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice.  Will follow.
Thank you as always wonderful lady!

Wishing you great happiness in Columbia.  I’ll stay in touch.  My website for promoting raw where I also promote PET Plus - which reminds me to point my neighbour with her new puppy to it.  She may miss it on the website page about raw feeding.  People can only take so much in can’t they and of course, I'm no different.  I will point her to your website - what a resource.  Tell one person and it all trickles out!

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