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I hope you and your family are doing well, especially during this most challenging time with COVID-19.  I received my PET Plus yesterday and noticed the manufacturing date, (MFG) 05/2019.  Is there need to be concerned about the safety regarding this date?  Rather than ordering the large pot, I decided to go with two (2) small pots, since it is recommended that I discard four (4) months after opening. 

I still have about ½ of the large pot that I opened in May (MFG 02/2020).  I’m giving this to my two (2) Shih Tzu brothers who turned 14 years this past July.  I have to give you the credit for my "seniors’s" overall good health as you recommended that I switch them to a raw diet (7 years ago!) and supplementing with PET Plus. 

There is no doubt that this saved little Ashley’s life, as he had lost much of his hair and his little body was "on fire" - he was miserable. I will be forever grateful to you, Dr. McIntyre.  They are both managing well with stage 5/6 heart murmurs. Rhett, however, is now blind in his left eye as his retina became detached at some point recently. Again, I’m just checking with you about the manufacturing date, 05/2019, on my new pots which I haven’t opened yet.  Thanks so much!

Ramona Aragon

My Reply

Nice to hear from you! So glad the chaps are doing so well. That's a ripe old age!

As long as the big pot has been kept cool and dry, keep using it. It starts to deteriorate extremely slowly once it's opened, but as long as it's still a dry powder and smells good, it's perfectly fine. We get through way more big pots than little ones which is why the manufacturing dates are so different.

Unopened pots have no shelf life limit. Kept cool and dry and sealed, the powder lasts forever ... more or less! The only thing that deteriorates is the viability of the probiotics. But recent studies show that even that doesn't matter, as dead probiotics are just as effective as live ones! How utterly amazing is nature - always doing its best for us all.

So just keep those 2 new pots cool and dry and they'll be fine for whenever you're ready to use them.

I'm living in Colombia now. Michelle is sending out PET Plus from my apartment / office / store room in Wales, as she has been doing for several years now. So with the fabulous internet, I continue to work wherever I am!

Ramona's Reply

Everything you said made sense about the Pet Plus shelf-life.  I really appreciate the information!  Please feel free to put the content of my email on your website, as well as my name.  If my “raw” experience alongside Pet Plus with my boys will help others, they will be eternally grateful as I am!

Ramona Aragon

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