Pet Plus for Dogs

This whole food supplement contains ingredients dogs would naturally have obtained for themselves in the wild by eating whole raw animals, especially the gut contents, and raw plant material. It supplies numerous nutrients and micronutrients which have been lost from processed food or which may be missing from a raw food diet.

How Can Pet Plus Help?

A very comprehensive blend, Pet Plus provides high potency, multiple enzymes which help your dogs to digest their food by replacing the food enzyme activity lost in the cooking and processing of food. It provides amylase, protease, lipase and procerelase in a whole food base of alfalfa, barley, wheat grass, bilberry, beet root fibre, Frutafit Inulin IQ prebiotic (Fructo-Oligo Saccharide), flax seed, safflower petal and brewer’s yeast, ingredients usually missing from even a raw food diet. In addition, the probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus is included for intestinal support. This is one of the most beneficial intestinal micro-organisms and one of the best colonizers.

Dogs require dietary sources of energy which may be supplied by either plant or animal products, as long as the food that they ingest is digested and the nutrients are absorbed. Most commercial dog foods consist of a combination of cereals and meat proteins. Heat processing makes many of the nutrients difficult to digest, especially proteins. Supplemental enzymes help to ensure that the dog receives the maximum amount of nutrition available from the food eaten.

The Importance of Vegetables

Naturally, dogs are designed to eat whole herbivorous animals as well as grazing on fruits and vegetables. Herbivores spend much of their time chewing vegetable matter into a pulp to improve its digestibility. By consuming the gut contents of these animals, dogs obtain numerous essential dietary ingredients which may be missing from a diet comprising parts of animals rather than the whole. Feeding a supplement such as Pet Plus provides the nutrients from this “grass soup” element in a more civilized form.

The inclusion of the whole food blend provides additional natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, prebiotics, fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 and 9) and other essential vital factors which are often missing from a raw food diet, but especially from commercial pet foods, where synthetics are added in an attempt to replace those lost during processing.

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24 comments on “Pet Plus for Dogs”

  1. Hi Suzi
    I have a lovely 2 yr old English Springer Spaniel who was recently diagnosed with IBD. I don't intend to vaccinate him again, I no longer use chemical wormers or flea treatments, I feed Darlings raw dog food along with your petplus supplement and he seems to be doing really well and hasn't had any flare ups for about 3 months. I am trying to manage his condition without using conventional medicines and was very interested by your reference to medicinal clay. Would this be something I could use should my dog suffer any bouts of diarrhea in the future and which clay (in your opinion) is the best and where would I be able to purchase it from?

    I would also like to add that I have my cats on a raw diet and the petplus too and they are thriving! One of my cats in particular has had a complete transformation and hasn't needed a steroid injection for his chronic skin condition for over a thanks for petplus!

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Louise,

      What excellent news for your dog and cats. It's amazing how the body can repair once we provide top quality nutrition isn't it?

      If he has any bouts of diarrhoea, starve him for 24 hours and give him aloe vera mixed with Argiletz Green Clay and Pet Plus about 6 times a day on this first day and for the following 4 days or more. I've been using this for years and can supply it to you if you like. You can buy it from Argiletz online, but the postage is very expensive.
      On the second day, I'd suggest you give him a little raw egg and boiled brown rice, a little and often for 2 days, then onto raw rabbit or fish with liquidized greens, then gradually back to normal. Adjust the timescale according to his response.

      I'm sure there are other medicinal clays around, but this is the one I use. It's brilliant for external wounds too.

      Let's hope you never need it!

      Thanks for letting us all hear your great news too.


  2. Hi Suzi,
    Thanks for your reply, I forgot to mention that on a couple of occasions we have found a tick on his body, we have a tick remover and seem to have removed them ok, is there any product to help prevent him picking these up? I will look into Verm-x it sounds fine if you have been using it for years on the various animals.

    Kind regards.


    1. Hi Janice,
      Ticks are a challenge. They usually only stay there for a few days, but removing them with the tick remover is an excellent idea. I found this suggestion (below) which is worth a try. I am going to do it. Let me know how you get on.

      By Annie B. Bond

      I dug deep in my herbal formula books for this recipe out of desperation,
      given that I live in the epicenter of the tick-generated Lyme disease
      epidemic. I tested the essential oil that is recommended for ticks, Rose Geranium, by putting a few drops—no more!—on
      our dogs’ collars, to see if it would repel ticks. Lo and behold, we went
      from 20 ticks a day on each dog to none. The second best essential oil for
      repelling ticks is American Pennyroyal (also called tickweed).

      2 tablespoons vegetable or nut oil (almond oil contains sulfur, a repellent
      in its own right)
      10 to 25 drops Rose Geranium essential oil

      Combine the ingredients in a glass jar; shake to blend.
      Make: 2 tablespoons with a shelf life of about six months.

      Dab a few drops on your skin or clothing, making sure to avoid eyes.

      Skip the Pennyroyal if there is anyone pregnant (including pets) in the home,
      as it can induce miscarriage. And as always, use essential oils with caution
      as they can burn the skin and harm eyes. Don’t use these essential oils around cats.

  3. Hi Suzi
    Couid you please advise me as to the best route to take regarding, worming and flea treatment, I use to buy advantage and drontal for our other dog, but was hoping there would be something more natural? to give our one year old fcr.
    Your advice previously has been very helpful, he seems to be liking the pet plus on his raw food. His colitis has cleared up. I also put a spoon of probiotic yoghurt on his food.
    I would be very grateful for your comments.
    Thank you once again

    1. Hi Janice,

      I'm so pleased to hear the colitis has cleared up and that he loves his raw food and Pet Plus! There are probiotics and prebiotics in the Pet Plus, so I would advise that you stop the yoghurt. Even though yoghurt contains probiotics, it also contains dairy so is best avoided completely. The majority of allergies and tummy upsets are related to dairy and gluten in the diet, so avoid them both!

      Fleas are rarely a problem for dogs and cats on Pet Plus. On raw as well, fleas are rare!

      Worms are best prevented (and treated) using herbal preparations. I have been using Verm-x for years and find it very effective for all our animals. I give it to the dogs and cats every day as a treat. They also do a liquid which you can mix in with their food. I've used that for the horses very successfully, but haven't tried it with the dogs and cats as we're happy with the biscuity treat format.
      I sent horse pooh samples off for a worm count and there were absolutely none!!

      Hope that helps.

      Best wishes,


  4. Hi Suzi,
    Thanks so much for your reply. I wondered if you thought the puppy had been staying in kennels he hasen't the vet thought he may have picked the cough up at training classes, he is also a very sociable dog when he is taken for a walk, he likes to meet and greet every dog he sees especially licking them.
    He has only had his puppy vaccinations and will be due to have the 1st booster this coming September, do you know if instead of having the booster, I could have him blood tested to see what the antibody titre levels are?
    and make a decision then.
    The last couple of days his faeces have had a mucus film over them I had a word with the vet and she thought it might be colitus, she also said it could have been a result of having the antibiotics for the kennel cough, she suggested I feed him cooked chicken and rice/pasta, this morning he was sick first thing and the only thing different I gave him was some lightly scrambled egg (as suggested by one of the darlings staff) darlings had also said that he would be ok on the raw food if I poured a little boiled water onto it.
    I know I have asked you lots of things in this email, I would be very grateful of your comments once again.
    I am just about to order some petplus from you.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Janice,
      I think training classes are probably the source as you say, but why was he susceptible? That's the question. So feeding 100% raw with Pet Plus is what you need to do to nourish his immune system. There's no need to pour boiling water on the food. All you do then is destroy valuable nutrients! Raw is best! Really!
      I would just have the nosodes or nothing. He is boosting his own natural immunity by living in an area where there are other dogs. The antibody titre doesn't necessarily give an accurate prediction of your dog's ability to mount a successful immune response in the face of a real, natural challenge. Over vaccinating is more likely to damage his immune system, as with humans, so once in a lifetime is more than enough. There's loads to read about it on numerous sites, like Canine Health Concern
      As your vet said, the mucous film on his faeces is probably the result of the antibiotics killing off his probiotics (healthy gut bacteria), so with the Pet Plus and raw food, that will correct itself over the next few days.
      Just received your order so that'll be with you on Saturday.
      Trust nature's wisdom and stick to 100% raw food, as he is designed to eat.
      Let me know how you get on.

  5. Hi Suzi

    I have an 11month old Flatcoated Retriever, that has picked up a bout of Kennel Cough the vet has given him a course of antibiotics which he has just finished, I feed him a raw food diet (darlings) since he was 4mths old which he seems to like. I didnt realise that good bacteria is taken away when on a course of antibiotics and that it would be a good idea to introduce petplus to his meals (as advised by one of the staff at darlings when placing a food order) to put the good bacteria back into his body. I also had a word with the breeder and she advised garlic and feenugreek, and also a homeopathy vet who suggested giving him a kennel cough nosode.

    Would you be kind enough to let me have your comments on this

    1. Hi Janice,

      It is an unfortunate side effect of antibiotics that many bacteria are killed, not just the pathogenic ones. So adding Pet Plus would provide loads of healthy bacteria to repopulate the gut. There are also numerous other ingredients in the Pet Plus to help his immune system, like what grass, barley grass, alfalfa and a little garlic, so I don't think he would need the garlic and fenugreek.
      As he has just has real kennel cough, his immune system should be mounting a great immune response to it, so there is probably no need for him to have a nosode right now.

      What bothers me is why he got the kennel cough at all. Raw food fed dogs and cats are usually totally healthy and have such a strong immune system that very few things can get past their defenses to give them a disease.
      What else happened to affect his immunity? Was he stressed in kennels? Was his immune system stressed by being vaccinated?
      I'd highly recommend that you use nosodes if he ever needs vaccinating again, assuming he had his puppy course. There is mounting evidence in both the human and animal fields to suggest that vaccination can do more harm than good as it interferes unnaturally with the immune system. The best form of defense is to ensure that the immune system is working at its very best. The way to do that is to feed raw food and add Pet Plus to make sure all the nutrients the body needs are there on a daily basis.
      I hope that helps.

      Best wishes,

  6. Hi Suzi,
    Wow. I'd never even considered too much liver being a possible cause of hypervitaminosis A. Do you think the same goes for the human diet? I wonder how much is too much - I might need to change my eating habits!
    I like your website by the way. Very clear and easy to navigate. I wish everyone understood the benefits of white space.
    David Pepper

    1. Thanks David. I'll pass your compliments on to Liz and Russell Jamieson who designed and maintain it.

      The same is certainly true of the human diet! Humans in our current society consume excess vitamin A mostly by taking cod liver oil, which is concentrated squeezed out cods' livers, a gross concept. Unfortunately, it is commonly recommended to ease people's joints. In reality, we all do much better using Flax or Linseed (same thing) oil, rich in omega 3, which is the 'anti-inflammatory' essential fatty acid.

      Apparently, the country in the world with the highest rate of osteoporosis is Norway, where vast amounts of cod and cod livers are consumed. Their other predisposing factors are lack of sunlight and hence vitamin D and lots of processed and protein rich foods and dairy products, but they help themselves by taking a lot of exercise.

      The best eating habits for humans to adopt are as much raw fruit and vegetables as possible, soaked nuts and sprouted seeds and plenty of water to drink. We also take Juice Plus, the human equivalent of Pet Plus, to ensure we have a vast range of nutrients and micronutrients from 30 different nutrient dense ripe raw fruits and vegetables daily. It is the most scientifically proven nutritional supplement in the world.

      Of course, health isn't solely food based! A good happy loving positive attitude, plenty of weight bearing exercise and plenty of rest and sleep are equally important.

      I hope that answers your query and gives you some food for thought! If you're interested, I could give you more details.

      Best wishes,


  7. I have an italian greyhound who is 2, on and off about every few weeks she has diaherra for about four days and has accidents overnight. She is fed natural instinct raw chicken food and loves it. She is also fed probiotics which each feed. Have you got any advice how i can help stop the bouts of diaherra?

    1. Thanks for your question Fiona. This is a question I am often asked, but it is more commonly a problem for pets fed on processed food!

      Feeding raw meat and bone and probiotics is excellent. Try some of the other mixtures Natural Instinct make, as in nature, a dog would be unlikely to live on chicken every day and chicken is very fatty. Rabbit is an excellent alternative, but unfortunately Natural Instincts don't have a rabbit mixture yet, so you could get some frozen Prize Choice Rabbit from your pet shop. Mix some liquidized greens, like broccoli, spinach, parsley and even some clean grass from your garden with your chosen meat and bone mix using about one third greens to two thirds meat and bone mince. It would be wise to add this to the Natural Instincts food as well, because the greens act as prebiotics which support the probiotics. I would recommend you mix Pet Plus with this as it contains numerous supportive ingredients which work together synergisticly. These will help her digestive system to deal with the food she eats, especially the prebiotics and probiotics, the digestive enzymes and antioxidants.

      When she has the bouts of diarrhoea, her body is getting rid of something it can't cope with, so we need to support this process, not stop it. At this time, give her digestive system a rest, so no food for 24 hours. To adsorb the toxins from her intestines and take them out of her body, give her some medicinal clay (which I can provide for you). Mix this with a quarter of a teaspoon of Pet Plus and some Aloe Vera (which you can buy from a health food shop or I can supply it for you); this is an excellent, gentle, non-toxic anti-inflammatory so it will reduce the irritation in her intestines. Give her this mixture by syringe by mouth 4 times daily for about 4 days, starting on the day of starvation.
      After the 24 hours starvation, you need to give her small amounts of 'light' food, so I'd suggest you mix a raw organic egg with a little boiled brown rice (this also acts as an adsorbent to take the toxins out of her system) and a quarter of a teaspoon of Pet Plus. Give that to her 3-4 times on the first day after starvation.
      For the next two days, you could offer her some raw rabbit or white fish with liquidized or pulverized raw greens, Pet Plus and some boiled brown rice, again about 3-4 small meals.
      The next day, give a larger meal twice day with the greens and rice.
      Thereafter, stop the rice and continue with the raw meat/fish and bone mince mixed with the greens and Pet Plus.

      Vary the type of meat and bone mince and vary the types of greens you mix with it. Use the Pet Plus every day. This should prevent any more diarrhoea. Make sure you don't give her any biscuits or anything cooked or processed; absolutely no dairy products at all and nothing with gluten in it.

      As a routine, she would also enjoy something chewy to eat, so feed her some raw meaty chunks, raw chicken wings, raw chicken drumsticks and raw vegetable stalks or carrots. These will also help to keep her teeth clean.

      I hope that makes sense. Let me know how you get on.

      Thanks again for this question as I'm sure this will help lots of other people too.


      1. Hi Suzi,

        Thanks for your advice, she currently gets the turkey, chicken and lamb natural instinct. Beef doesnt agree with her and makes her sick so we steer clear of that. She also gets chicken wings to chew on or chicken necks and also fish skin treats and she loves her carrot!! She never gets anything processed and i try to give other dog owners treats to give to her as evryone wants to feed out three!! When we are out on walks they all graze the fresh grass but i can add some greens. We have alore vera so thats great i can give her some aswell. I have ordered some petplus and I am also giving her splippery elm as well when she has a bout of looseness,

        I will let you know how she goes, she is such a fantastic little dog just has a sensitive stomach!

        many thanks for your help.


        1. Hi,

          Just to let you know that the pet plus is doing great for our dogs, full of health. Maya has had another bout of the runs, i think she may be allergic to chicken as our turkey has run out and for the last month she has been having chicken. It seems to be loose about 2-3 days a month with diarrhea if she has chicken. I think I will do a process of trying other protien types. She was sick when she had beef so I think I will try fish for a month and see how she goes and then if she is OK with that I will try rabbit. Do you think this is a good idea?

          Could you let me know where to get the clay from? At the moment i am using aloe vera, petplus and treebarks powder as I am starving her today. She got fed yesterday and had the runs and vomiting overnight.

          Thank you so much for you help.

          Would love to come downstairs and not find runny poo!!

          1. Hi Fiona,
            Thanks for your comment. I emailed you a very quick reply as soon as you left this message! Here's a fuller answer to your questions.
            Glad to hear the Pet Plus is helping.
            I'd suggest giving them all a variety of foods, rather than one thing for a whole month. Rabbit and fish are a good idea, so yes, use those, mixed with liquidized greens and Pet Plus.
            For the bouts of diarrhoea, give her intestines a rest for 24 hours, so no food for 24 hours, but 6 times that day, give her Aloe Vera (Pukka is a good make, from health food shops) to calm her intestines and medicinal clay (I can send you some) to adsorb the toxins from her gut and Pet Plus.
            The next day, give her 4 small meals of boiled rice (a good adsorbent) and raw egg for a day or two. Carry on with the Aloe Vera, clay and Pet Plus.
            When her bowels have calmed down and she's passing firmer stools, feed her raw white fish with boiled rice for 2-4 days in 4 small meals per day, then gradually add liquidized greens over the next 2-4 days, then cut down to 2 meals a day and try rabbit. After a week or two, stop the rice, so then she'll be on rabbit or fish, liquidized greens and Pet Plus.
            As she gets rid of the toxins through her bowels, her probiotics will re-establish themselves and her intestines will be able to function normally.
            Let me know how you're doing!

          2. Hi Suzi,

            We are still having problems with little Maya. The vets did an allergy test which showed she was allergic to duck. She has nenver had duck.She is still getting the runs every few weeks, Normally only overnight. They are all taken out for a little walk just before bed where they go to the toilet. She tends to be loose overnight and then ok in the morning. She has been fed natural instinct, chicken, turkey, lamb and has had issue which every one of these. She has pet plus every day. The vet wanted to put her on roal steroid and i didn want to and now they want to refer her for a colonopscopy. I just dont know what else to do but will do anything to help her. Do you have any advise on what else i can do? She has yoghurt every other day which she loves and alore vera everyday. Do you think it is her food or just her guts reaction to something?

            Any help would be great.



          3. Hi Fiona,

            The most common allergen for all mammals is the milk of another mammal especially after weaning age. The whole problem is probably the yoghurt. So stop the yoghurt. Get some probiotic capsules and give her one mixed in her food every day for a week, in addition to the Pet Plus.

            How much aloe vera do you give her and what weight is she?

            I can send you some medicinal clay to adsorb the toxins from her intestines. I could also send you some probiotic capsules as you just need a few as there are plenty of probiotics in Pet Plus, but as this has been recurring, I think a week on some other probiotics would be useful.

            The day after she's had diarrhoea overnight, just give her aloe vera, probiotics, Pet Plus and clay, but no food for 24 hours to give her intestines a chance to heal. Then, next day give raw egg mixed with boiled brown or white short grain rice in addition to aloe vera, probiotics, Pet Plus and clay. The key is a little and often. Do the same the following day. Then the next day, give her some rice with raw rabbit or white fish (not chicken or lamb or oily fish as they're all too fatty and that will be most likely to give her diarrhoea), a little and often (4-6 very small meals a day). Then gradually increase the amount of food in each meal and give fewer meals until you're back to feeding her once or twice a day.

            Definitely keep her (and all of them) off dairy completely. It is totally inappropriate for any weaned mammal! Even a cow wouldn't drink cow's milk!

            Also keep them off gluten (biscuits etc).

            I'd be very surprised if any of the meats are the cause of her problem. I suspect it's the yoghurt.

            Let me know her weight for the aloe vera, which is best given a little and often, so usually about 5 mls 6 times daily.


  8. Hi Susanna
    My young Ibizan used to be on Natural instinct complete food unfortunately he once had a bad tummy and ever since he refuses to eat raw minced meat. Now I am feeding him Meat chunks but this means he isn't getting the offal( he regularly eats bones via chicken wings different rib bones and necks) I am worried about an easy way to supply him the extras like the offal and veggie side of feeding raw diet. What else would I need to feed him over and above the meat/ bones and your Petplus supplement?

    Thanks you
    Caroline Howlett

    1. Hi Caroline
      The meat and bones and Pet Plus you're feeding him will give him and excellent range of nutrients and micronutrients.
      You could mix some liquidized or pulverized greens with his meat chunks to give him the veggie part of a raw diet, to give him more fibre. I find that works well as long as you don't overdo it!
      For the offal, you could add some heart, liver and kidneys to the meat chunks once a week, but don't give too much liver as that's where vitamin A is stored. Vitamin A excess (hypervitaminosis A) causes osteoporosis amongst other things. I'd also aim for organic liver and kidneys as those are the organs that remove waste and deal with toxins, so they'll be full of whatever the animal was exposed to before it was slaughtered.
      Hope that helps.
      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Thank you Suzi,
        I can get deer livers. Are they suitable as I know deer can often eat toxic plants? He won't eat liver or heart raw, so can I blanch them? Sighthounds are a pain when it comes to feeding! Most dogs would kill for their diet!

        1. Hi Caroline,

          Deer liver might be a bit risky then. Wild herbivores eat all sorts of vegetation and the carnivores decide which parts of their bodies are edible, leaving the inedible parts. So maybe their instinct warns them not to eat the liver if it contains something noxious. I use organic chicken and lamb liver from Riverford organics.
          It could also be that their instinct tells them whether or not they need any liver, so I don't think I'd try to fool them into eating something they don't want. Perhaps they just know they don't need it at the moment.
          Heart is different and has no dangers associated with it, so if blanching it is enough to encourage them to eat it, that's great! Most of the heart would still be raw. You could even put pulverized greens inside it so they get their fibre at the same time; stuffed heart!
          Whole wild rabbit is also often available from local farmers. Just make sure you remove all the lead shot!


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