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BARF DietIn line with the human medical profession, those of us caring for pets are working towards the prevention of disease, largely through a more natural diet.

How Can Diet Help?

There is an enormous amount of evidence to show that the more raw food is included in the diet, the less disease is suffered, particularly cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, skin disease, allergies, gum disease, dental decay, digestive problems and degenerative diseases.

All animals (including people) evolved to function on raw food. There were no cookers or fires at that time, and certainly no tin-openers!

The basic energy currency for the body is enzymes, which are only present in raw food. They are destroyed by heat and most other forms of food processing.

In the wild, dogs and cats would eat herbivores, like rabbits, birds and fish, so they would be consuming raw meat, bones and the guts. This combination is important because :

  1. Raw meat and bone together provide the right balance of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorous.
  2. The guts contain well-chewed partially digested grass and vegetation, full of probiotics and their supporting prebiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins – a highly nutritious raw grass soup! Pet Plus is a civilized version of this grass soup.

Dogs and, to a lesser extent, cats also eat eggs, bark, herbs, roots, soil, ripe fruit, droppings and insects. They know what they need!

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4 comments on “Feeding Advice”

  1. Hi Suzi, I am in Australia and purchased a large tub of Pet Plus last year from you. The MFG is 10/11/11/. Today is 26/9/13. Is the powder still viable? What date should I finish using the tub? It's stored in a dark, room temp pantry. Should extra powder be given as it gets older?
    Also, how beneficial do you think an air-dried raw food called ZiwiPeak from New Zealand is? Would that be a complete food with Pet Plus and raw meaty bones?
    My toy poodle also gets some of our steamed vegs, weekly lightly cooked egg (she prefers to raw :-(), bits of raw fruit, yoghurt, tinned sardines, cheese, almonds, liver treats and grain free complete biscuits, dried deer ears or beef tendons, occasional junk. Wow! All that! Anyway, her weight is fine and she is bright, healthy and very alert.
    Cheers, Monica

    1. Hi Monica, There isn't really an expiry date as long as it's kept cool and dry. The only thing that could potentially deteriorate at all would be the probiotics whose viable numbers start to decrease after 2 years....but according to recent research, just the presence of probiotic organisms, whether viable or not, is just as effective. Interesting isn't it.
      I've had a look at the ZiwiPeak food and have a few comments. The canned stuff certainly isn't raw. They have to heat it to about 400 degrees Centigrade to kill all the enzymes so that it doesn't go off in the tin. In fact, the canning industry was the first to discover enzymes!
      The dried stuff may be less heat damaged, but will be completely oxidized by being air dried.
      It doesn't seem to contain any bones and naturally, dogs and cats would eat the meat, meaty bones, guts, eye balls, toenails and everything!!!
      So I'd search further and find someone who does minced up meat and bone, frozen, which apparently loses only up to 30% of the micronutrients.
      Yes, adding Pet Plus puts the micronutrients back in there, plus a load more.
      Yes, feeding raw meaty bones is brilliant, but they do need some greens too! So I mix liquidized fresh greens with minced raw meat and bone and Pet Plus to make sure they have everything. I also give them raw meaty bones and sprinkle the Pet Plus onto them. Then you're giving the best of everything!
      Anything you give wants to be as raw as possible.
      Hope that's helpful.

  2. Hi Susanna, I have just placed an order for pet plus, and I am now thinking of buying Darlings raw food, but wondered about Prize Choice - what do you think? Can u help me to understand the difference between the two and wich one should I go for and why? I have two lovely collies. Many thanks, Francesca

    1. Hi Francesca,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. It's been a bit chaotic here with the kids.

      It's all a matter of quality. I'd say the organic Darlings range is the very best, their not organic range is next, Natural Instincts would be next best, then Prize Choice. Which ever one you choose to feed raw is light years better than any of the cooked and processed pet foods.

      I feed a mixture of all of them and add liquidized greens to them all.

      Hope that helps.


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