Vegan Dog Food Preparation Books

There have been numerous books and articles written on the practicalities of how and what to feed your vegan dog to encourage health and vitality.  As the authors I've listed below have created such an array of information, I won't be repeating it here, but would urge you to investigate these books yourselves. 

But none of them describe how to feed a dog on raw living vegan food. So for this reason, remember to add Pet Plus to all meals to maximize digestibility and nutrient content.

Plant Based Recipes For Dogs Book By Heather Costa
By Heather Costa

Plant Based Recipes For Dogs

Plant Based Recipes For Dogs is by Heather Coster and I think it's an excellent book.  Heather demonstrates that dogs can live a happy and healthy life on a plant based diet. 

This book explains how vegan food can promote health and aid longevity. She also explain why commercial dog food is harmful.  The recipe book and lifestyle guide for dogs, contains over 60 nutritious recipes.

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Vegan Cookbook For Dogs

This is a very helpful book of recipes as a supplement to Heather's first book.
It contains a week of healthy homemade meals that ensure your dog has all the right nutrients for health and vitality.  It will inspire you to make your own recipes too.
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By Heather Costa
Dr Jan Allegretti, D. Vet. Hom.

The Complete Holistic Dog Book

This covers Home Health Care For Our Canine Companions and is by Dr Jan Allegretti, D. Vet. Hom. with her excellent Fresh and Flexible Meal Plan, listing exactly which vegan ingredients supply which major food group. 
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Guide To Natural Health For Dogs And Cats

This book by Dr Richard Pitcairn DVM, PhD, and his wife, Susan, is now in it's 4th edition having sold over 500,000 copies. 
Dr Pitcairn wrote an excellent article in Dogs Naturally Magazine, March - April 2015 entitled Feeding The Dog In The 21st Century, which promotes veganism for dogs. You can visit his website for more information. 
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Dr Richard Pitcairn DVM, PhD and Susan Hubble Pitcairn
By Mimi Kirk and Lisa Kirk

The Plant-Based Dog Food Revolution

This book is bursting with up to date, well-researched information. Eating plant-based organic food is growing in popularity amongst humans, and the book asks, why don’t we apply this same ideas to feeding dogs? 
Commercial dog food is processed and packed with unhealthy, ingredients which will not promote the health of our dog family members. 
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Canine Nutrigenomics

This isn't a vegan book, but contains a wealth of scientific information. You can learn how to transform a dog's cellular health with the power of nutrigenomics.
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By W. Jean Dodds and Diana R Laverdure
By Michelle Rivera

The Simple Little Vegan Dog Book

This book is packed full of interesting recipes and contains testimonies from plant-based animal nutrition experts.  it also contains a long lost of human food that is suitable for dog and also a list of those that are not.  Very useful information.
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