KISS ... Keep It Simple, Stupid

When Deciding On Pet Food - Use Your Common Sense

What to feed our pets should be obvious, yet we've chosen to make their food choices as complicated as possible.

Feeding our pets the food they would naturally eat in the wild seems so obvious and yet we crazy humans have chosen to make it all seem as complicated as possible.

Rabbits eat grass, so give them grass and hay to eat, and water to drink. Naturally, bunnies get most of their water from the water in the fresh plants they eat, but especially when given hay, they really need a supply of water to drink, fresh every day.

Carnivores eat whole herbivores, so give them herbivores to eat! Unpleasant as it may seem, our carnivorous pets eat rats, mice, birds, rabbits and all manner of wild, plant-eating animals.

They get most of their water from the fluids in their prey, but they also drink from puddles, ponds, streams and rivers. So give them clean water to drink, fresh every day.

What Is Clean Water?

That's a good question and the answer is not what you might think!

Natural water is naturally 'clean' although to us it may appear to be 'dirty'. A fresh, fast flowing stream close to a spring is best, but even a muddy puddle is better to drink than chemical laden tap water!

But is tap water clean?

Our bodies are designed to deal with mud and innocent bugs in puddles and other natural water supplies, well away from human contamination.

But we are not designed to deal with the chemicals poured into our water supply to make it 'safe'. These chemicals (chlorine and many others) sterilize the water so it is theoretically free from contamination, but it is laden with these chemicals which our bodies are unable to deal with.

So get a water filter to remove the chemicals, then you and your pets can drink good clean water to your hearts' content.

What Should We Feed Our Carnivorous Pets?

There is a diet sheet on this website, but to summarize, feed raw minced meat, bone, offal and green vegetation in the proportions they would eat by eating a whole rabbit, for example.

I created Pet Plus to provide the essential ingredients found in the contents of the herbivores' intestines. So the combination of the pet minces mixed with Pet Plus provides our pets with most of the components of a natural, wild diet.

Of course dogs and cats love to crunch their way through raw meaty bones, meaty chicken carcasses, whole rats and so on, but the pet minces can form the mainstay of their diet.

Vary the food source as our carnivores would vary their prey. So do not feed the same stuff every day! They wouldn't eat chicken every day. And they most certainly would never eat biscuits or tinned ultra heat-treated meats.

What are we doing to our cat and dog family members when we feed them with commercial pet food?

So what on earth do we think we are doing to our faithful friends by forcing them to eat the same sort of rubbish we crazy humans have degenerated into consuming and become addicted to?

We are giving them the opportunity to suffer the same range of degenerative diseases we humans suffer! And then suppressing the symptoms of their disease processes with ever more complicated pharmaceutical agents ... yes, drugs.

So stop it!!! It's simple. Allow your common sense to surface and feed yourself and your pets the foods we have all evolved to eat ... fresh and raw!

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3 comments on “KISS ... Keep It Simple, Stupid”

    1. Hi Jane,
      I use a simple granular activated carbon filter which filters all the water in the house. I used to have a smaller version that fitted under the sink, but decided it's better to be able to drink from all taps in the house and to bathe and shower in chemical free water. I bought it from AirEau Fittings Ltd in Bordon and buy the annual replacement cartridge from them too, sending the used one back for re-use. They are very helpful people and post the filters out by courier. I don't use the alkalizing Kangen water filtration set up you'll see promoted everywhere. Neutral pH water is fine, as in nature.

      This link will take you to the exact product.

      I also put a Vortex Energizer around the mains inlet pipe to re-energize the water. This link takes you to a most fascinating website!

      So why do I do all this?

      Firstly, the granular activated carbon removes the chemicals from the water. The bigger the surface area of the carbon bed, the more effectively the chemicals are removed. Many people use little jug filters. These are certainly better than nothing, but have an extremely small carbon bed so can't possibly remove as much chemical contamination as the big carbon bed in the plumbed in bigger filters.

      Secondly, having removed the chemicals, it's a great idea to energize the water again. So, in nature, water is moving all the time and is never restricted by going through a straight pipe! Naturally, all fluids move in a spiral motion, even including our blood running through blood vessels. In an attempt to mimic nature, The Centre For Implosion Research has created several bits of equipment to help, including the Vortex Energizer.

      In a natural environment, animals drink from springs, streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, puddles.......all living, moving water. The puddles might look dirty, but it's 'clean dirt' which the body can deal with, not chemicals, which it can't.

      So what happens to the chemicals we all consume inadvertently?

      They are stored in fat in all animals, including fish and birds, as well as mammals like us. So avoid fish oils and animal fats completely, especially if you cook them. A bit of raw fat in the raw meat we feed our carnivorous pets is OK, but I wouldn't feed great lumps of fat.....eugh!!!
      So I often joke that there are no fat pets or people, just a lot of toxic ones!!!

      That's a bit of a long answer to a short question, but everything is linked to everything in life!

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