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Raw Food Diet Sheet

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Dr. Susanna

In line with the human medical profession, those of us caring for cats and dogs are working towards the prevention of disease, largely through a more natural diet.

How Can Diet Help Our Pets?

In the human field, there is an enormous amount of evidence to show that the more raw food is included in the diet, the less disease is suffered, particularly cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, skin disease, gum disease, dental and digestive problems.

All animals (including people!) evolved to function on raw food. There were no cookers or fires at that time, and certainly no tin-openers!

The basic energy currency for the body is enzymes, which are only present in raw food. They are destroyed by heat and most other forms of food processing.

In the wild, dogs and cats would eat herbivores, like rabbits, birds and fish, so they would be consuming raw meat, bones, offal and the guts. This combination is important because:

  1. Raw meat and bone together provide the right balance of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, in a form available to the body as it has not been damaged by processing.
  2. The guts contain well-chewed partially digested grass and vegetation, full of probiotics and their supporting prebiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins – a highly nutritious raw grass soup!

Wild cats and dogs also eat eggs, bark, herbs, roots, soil, ripe fruit, droppings and insects. Fresh, chemical-free water, preferably running in a stream, is what they choose to drink, not chemical-rich tap water! So filter your tap water or use glass bottled water!

How Can I Prepare Raw Food For My Dog Or Cat?

You can order good quality frozen minced meat and bone mix from numerous companies.

I use the simple meat and bone minces, tripe and offal from the following suppliers.

Please note - I do not recommend the mixes with root vegetables or peas mixed in.

Most large pet shops sell packets of frozen minced raw meat and bone mixtures. For example in the UK you will find brands like Natures Menu.

Frozen food should be allowed to defrost at room temperature in a bowl, to preserve its enzyme activity. Do not microwave!

Dogs and some cats also need raw green leafy vegetables (liquidized or pulverised), mixed with the meat in equal volumes for dogs and a teaspoonful on a separate plate for cats to east if they choose.

Raw fruit snacks can be given between meals but not with the meat and bone (and please never feed them grapes).

Cats love raw fresh sprats fed whole once or twice a week.

Both dogs and cats also benefit from offal (e.g. heart, liver, tripe) fed raw twice a week. Raw eggs are great too, with cats preferring the yolk alone.

PET Plus For Cats Or Pet Plus For Dogs

PET Plus is a powdered civilized version of the "grass soup", and is available in two formulations. One for cats and the other for dogs.

When mixed in with their food every day, it provides plenty of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.

This beautifully complements the natural raw food diet that dogs and cats are designed to eat. If you are feeding a processed food diet, this powdered raw food concentrate is essential to help the body to digest, absorb and utilize it as well as providing thousands of valuable nutrients, which work synergistically.

Chewing raw meaty bones (like chicken wings and drumsticks, RAW) and whole raw fibrous vegetables (e.g. broccoli stalks and carrots) as well helps to clean the teeth and provides entertainment and satisfaction.

Cooked bones are not given because they can splinter and are indigestible, often causing constipation and obstruction.

A natural diet comprises

  • raw meaty bones
  • raw pulverized green leafy vegetables
  • probiotics
  • enzymes
  • lots of variety and
  • fresh, chemical-free water (bottled or filtered tap water).

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2 comments on “Raw Food Diet Sheet”

  1. my cat was hit by a car on Oct. 11. His tail was ripped off leaving only the bone, which now I am told has no blood left it in. He also has no skin around the tail and the doctor said they will have to do surgery to pull the skin over the area where there is none. They said his tail has to be removed. He also has a fracture where the pelvis meets the sacrum. His wound was cleaned up and he is on antibiotoics and IV hydration. Are there any homeopathics or alternative approaches to his condition? His vitals are fine according to the doctor except for some anemia, because he lost blood and had hidden for more than 3 days before coming home. I would truly appreciate any help that you can offer. Thank you. Freya Koss USA

    1. So glad to hear he made it home, Clever cat!
      Arnica helps the bruising and shock,so I'd give him that homoeopathic remedy. I'm not a homoeopath, so if you need more homoeopathic advice, you need to talk with a homoeopathic vet.
      Feed him raw meat and bone as I'd hope you already do, and mix it with Pet Plus.
      Make sure his water is filtered / glass bottled but if he's on raw food, he might well not need to drink.
      And give him love, peace and quiet to do what cats do best......heal!....oh and sleep of course!!!

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