Cats Like Pet Plus

Cats Lick Pet Plus Powder Directly Off The Floor!

Cats love to lick Pet Plus for Cats off the floor, off their fur, off their biscuits, off the top of their food and even directly out of the pot, usually scooping the powder out with a paw.

Cats don't like change, so some cats prefer not to have their daily 1/4 teaspoonful of Pet Plus mixed with their food.

But if you sprinkle it onto their body fur or even put it in a little pile on the floor, they nearly always lick it up.

Use PET Plus As An Appetizer

My cat likes his PET Plus as an appetizer before his food. I put his little pile of powder on a plate or on the floor where I usually put his bowl of raw meat and bone.

He licks it up while I put his raw food in his bowl. Then I give him his food and he gobbles it up.

If I forget to give him his powder first, he stares at me, walks around his bowl then sits next to his bowl and gives me the kind of look only a cat can give!

I soon get the message and respond to the commands of the master of the house!

A Rescued Kitten

A kitten we rescued from a busy road, where it was just about to be run over by a lorry, used to come into my office and pick up a pot of PET Plus for Cats by the rim.

The pot was bigger than he was, but he was determined to have some! He struggled along to a quiet corner and did his very best to open it! He loved licking it up from the floor and straight out of the pot by scooping it out on his paws.

He grew into a fine young ginger tom with an exceptionally soft coat, but unfortunately enjoyed pouncing on absolutely anything that moved. One day that happened to be the tail end of an adder. The other end of the adder was not impressed and bit him in the back of his back leg. Poor chap didn't quite manage to get home, not that we could have saved him from that massive injection of very potent venom.

A PET Plus For Cats Testimonial

Hi Suzi - I spoke to you a couple of months ago before starting my 3 cats on PET Plus.

Although they only take it off their coats, they all now seem much happier with each other. Rosie who is very timid has a lot more confidence.  I'm very pleased for them and will be re-ordering. Thanks for your help. Best wishes.


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6 comments on “Cats Like Pet Plus”

  1. My cat has just been diagnosed with diabetes and has been put on a diabetic diet as her blood glucose is extremely carbohydrates atcall. Is she able to have pet plus without the risk of raising her blood glucose levels?

    1. Yes, it'll be perfect. Cats are obligate carnivores and should never be fed on carbohydrates at all anyway. It's diabolical that the pet food industry can get away with causing diabetes in cats by putting cheap carbohydrates in their disgusting processed 'food'. It's an absolute disgrace.
      Feed raw meat and bone (see diet sheet on my web site), filtered water, keep away from WiFi and mobile phones, let her eat grass / wheatgrass.....they love to chew on it. Watch her blood glucose levels because once she's on raw food and having Pet Plus, she will gradually start to recover and might well not need the insulin at all. Well done for recognising that a change was required!

    1. Yes, spreading it throughout all the meals of the day would be better. Many people only feed their cats and dogs once a day, or sprinkle it onto the cat's fur for them to lick it off, or even put a tiny bit of the powder in a bowl or on the floor for them to lick when they fancy

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