Allergies And Diarrhoea In German Shepherd

Hi Susanna

You may or may not remember me but your advice saved my German Shepherd Bruno from a horrible life with allergies. He turned 10 last week and hasn't been to vet in 4 years because he is fit and healthy and allergies have gone.

I have since rescued my 18mth GSD who I have been raw feeding for 12 mths. He got haemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE) on 31st May and it has all been downhill since.

He was treated by the vet and discharged on sensitivity control diet (Royal Canin). He has been re-admitted twice since he had HGE because he simply will not eat.

I think he would eat his raw diet but vet thinks he is just pushing my buttons. There was some suggestion he might be EPI ( Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency ) as his TLI (Trypsin-Like Immunoreactivity) is 4.9, B12 536 and Folate 4.4 which apparently is abnormally low but is to be retested in a month.

Vet thinks he has a food intolerance and so do I probably to chicken. He is starving and wants to eat but not the kibble diet. I am at my wit's end as to what to do next as he has gone from being a healthy bouncy boy to this.

Hi Anne

Just got your email and Facebook request, so here's a quick answer, then if you'd like more, let's arrange a phone / email consultation.

Shame he wasn't on Pet Plus before as prevention is really the way! Glad to see you ordered some, so that's the most important bit of help.

Give him 2 tsp per day spread out in all his meals till he's better, then go down to 1 tsp a day and stay on it forever!

Do give him raw food! He's unlikely to be pushing your buttons! He knows what's good to eat and what's rubbish! That's why he won't eat the kibble.

I'd suggest raw wild rabbit from Honeys. You can get other meats than chicken from them.  Or maybe try turkey.  Does he like fish?

  • Mix with boiled brown rice and feed a little and often. So 6-8 meals a day.
  • Mix with liquidized greens like broccoli.
  • Make sure he has filtered / bottled water to drink.  Do not give him tap water.

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13 comments on “Allergies And Diarrhoea In German Shepherd”

  1. hi susanna , reading ur blogs there , with a condition my cat has and im convinced its a flea bite allergy , she is licking herself bald, on her tummy and legs I can see slight redness , I was reading what we can do naturally im wondering with the aloe vera , and turmeric how much and when , and ill defo try her with the raw meat diet she loves chicken and mince , may try her with kidney ive had her at my own vets and they gave her injections , im also wondering how to get hold of the items that I can use in the hoe that wont irate her but kill any fleas if any in the house

    1. Could also be a hormonal issue too. Raw is the way to go, as you've read already.
      Aloe vera gel, rub it into her sore / bald areas thoroughly. She will probably lick it off, so get a really clean, chemical free gel....or a plant and squeeze the gel out of a leaf. A tiny bit goes a very long way!
      Turmeric, a little pinch on a saucer so she can lick it up if she feels she needs it.
      Hope you've found the diatomaceous earth in Ireland.

      And in answer to your email, yes, I ship Pet Plus all over the world! It is a powder and comes in a 114g pot which will last a cat 4-6 months at 1/4 tsp /day
      Feed her on 100% raw then that's a huge load of toxins she doesn't have to deal with....processed food=toxins!!! And skin is a route of detoxification, which can result in irritation.
      See attached diet sheet! Cats rarely enjoy their greens mixed with their meat, so put some on a separate plate and see if she wants it. Some people put a little pile of finely chopped parsley on a saucer and their cats eat it.
      My cat licks the Pet Plus from a saucer or the floor or I sprinkle it on his coat, but he doesn't like it in his try out these options and see which she prefers!
      Hope this helps.

  2. Hi suzi
    I would really value some nutritional information for my Dogue De Bordeaux
    She has been diagnosed with lymphgiactesia and is currently on daily steroid /anti inflammatory and antibiotic injections.
    The vet has asked me to feed her on chicken ,rice and fish but she is getting quite bored with the same food day in and day out.
    She also has protein leakage into abdomen which is also affecting her back legs too. This only happens on occasions.
    I would really value some nutritional advice of what to feed her as we are also battling with her diarrhea too.
    Could you advise me further please.


    1. Inflammation of the intestinal lymphatics is most likely to be caused by feeding processed foods, drinking tap water (laden with chemicals), over-vaccination (maximum recommended by manufacturers is now every 3 years, but personally I do not vaccinate at all as it ruins the immune system....)and exposure the environmental toxins such as WiFi, mobile phones, flea products, worming products, household cleaners etc etc.
      So to treat this, eliminate all these irritants from her life.
      I could give you more useful advice with a bit more information from you, like how old is she, is she neutered, what does she eat, drink, what do you use for fleas, worms, where does she sleep.
      A useful natural anti-inflammatory is aloe vera which is readily available at health food stores. Pukka is the best make. Useful short term but long term, causes deficiency in omega 3 fatty acids (which are themselves anti-inflammatories too).
      Have you found the diet sheet on my web site? If not, I can email it to you.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Susanna,

        With regards to a little more information on Skye my Dogue de Bordeaux, she has just turned 4 years old in January of this year. Skye was neutered at 7 months old as we did not want to breed from Skye.
        She used to eat Natrual Health trayed foods and Hi Life complete meal for most of the time but she would often get bored of the same food so we used to only change it the odd time with another of the the healthy trayed foods Nutragrain and then IAMs Complete meal.
        Since she has been ill with this disease we have been advised to feed her Chicken , Rice , and Cod anything with Low Fat and High in protein but she is getting a little fed up with Chicken. I spoke to the vet after doing my own research as she is finding it hard to get up on her back legs which the vet advised it is down to the fluid leakage into her abdomen and back legs , so i suggested giving her some carbohydrates along with the protein foods as this will give her energy , to which she agreed so i have started to mix Sweet Potato or ordinary potato mashed with her Meal to which she is seeming to like .
        She regularly gets wormed but not of late as she has not been out of the back garden and vet seems to think it is best to try and get her stable from this disease before we give her anything else .
        I have ordered her some doggy anti- slip socks to help her grip the floor and i am regularly massaging her back legs which seems to be doing the trick. Since she has been bad she has lost 3 stone in about 3 months but seems to be putting a little back on.
        You mentioned your diet sheet , i did not see it when i visited your website , would you be able to email me it please and i would be most grateful for any advise or suggestions you can offer me.

        Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

        Kind Regards


        1. This is the reply sent by email on 15 March

          Thanks for that information.
          I've attached a diet sheet.

          It seems she has been on a lot of processed foods, so go for raw foods from now on.

          Looking at the web site, it seems they do not enjoy good health as a breed, probably because they come from a very small gene pool so there is undoubtedly a lot of inbreeding which automatically causes health problems. It suggests an average life span of 5-6 years old! That is shocking really!!! So as far as her breed goes, she is relatively old at 4. So you need to work extra hard to help her recover. Normally, a 4 year old would bounce back....not sure about this breed, but let's see.

          Massage is an excellent idea....well done. Aim to get the fluid up and out of her legs. I'm sure massaging her tummy would be lovely for her. Always have in your mind's eye a very healthy energetic Skye so you're projecting vital, confident health, joy, fun and all the good things she has always enjoyed. It never ceases to amaze me how much healing you can do with your hands and mind and true, unconditional love. Picture the fluid going back into the relevant vessels and staying there, circulating freely. I feel that lying on her back would help, but not sure if she can do that, as that might make breathing more difficult with the weight of her tummy pressing on her diaphragm.

          Give her filtered / bottled water to drink.

          Keep her away from WiFi etc etc.

          Is she on Pet Plus? That'd help too.
          And wild rabbit is the very best raw food for her as it has high and excellent quality protein, very little fat, compared with massive amounts of fat in farmed rabbits as they are fed garbage!!!
          Liquidize greens for her and mix them with the raw rabbit.

          Root veg and fruit are great ways of giving her easily digestible energy, but not at the same time as the high protein foods. Dried fruit like dates are excellent as a source of quick energy.

          Aloe Vera is a great anti-inflammatory and aid to healing of any irritated tissue, so I'd suggest you start giving her some. She's a huge dog, so 30 mls 4-6 times daily would be good.

          Does she like swimming? If she can manage it, that would be gentle exercise, but sounds like at the moment, that would be too much....but soon, maybe she could have a gently swim in the sea or a salt water bath / hydrotherapy pool.

          Let me know what happens.

          Good luck too. Keep up the devoted good work.

          Best wishes,


          1. And the reply on 16 March
            Hi Suzi.
            Thank you so much for getting back to me with this advice.
            I am confident she will get better we had the same breed dog called mysterie before skye came into our family and mysterie was diagosed with heart failure at age of 7 years old but we managed her medication with lots of love and affection and she lived until a couple of days before her 10th birthday .
            We are determined for Skye to get well again.

            Thank you again!

            Kind Regards


  3. Human Grade Diatomaceous Earth is what I use for all kinds of things. The list is endless. I do not use any chemical on my Shadow/

    1. Thanks Viola. It's really useful stuff isn't it.
      Usually, fed on raw food and Pet Plus, with a natural wormer like Verm-x, there's no need for anything else.

  4. Hi Suzie love your pet plus, along with a natural raw diet my two Ragdolls have been super healthy, with soft coats and for the whole time they have been on pet plus NO fleas! The only problem I have is that my female cat is constantly licking herself and scratching, any ideas as to what this could be?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Jo,
      Thanks for the further information, as follows: Hi Suzi, I have been feeding my two Ragdolls with raw food (mainly chicken and Rabbit when available) from Nurturing by Nature and also supplementing with Pet plus every day for at least 1 1/2 years now, so both have beautiful coats and NO fleas (although I did comb one out the other day ... help) but one of the cats (the female) constantly licks and scratches herself and around her neck area. She has small lumps which I think are from scratching, she had these before I used the Petplus so I thought the scratching would stop after a few months but it still hasn't. Any thoughts. Also why does my female pee by the door sometimes and not in her litter tray, nothing has changed?
      Thank you
      Hi Jo,
      Maybe feeding chicken every day has resulted in a degree of sensitivity, so give her a few weeks without chicken. In the wild, they wouldn't eat the same type of meat every day. Mine love the sprats!
      Does she wear a collar? Maybe some sensitivity to that. Try taking it off or using a different material collar. Maybe that one solitary flea is living around her neck. Maybe a treatment with Billy No Mates or some other non-chemical flea zapper.
      Are the lumps where she's been vaccinated or had other injections?
      Is it irritation from a microchip, assuming she has been microchipped?
      When she pees by the door, is she marking territory or scratching to make a 'hole' as she would in the tray? Is it when the tray isn't clean enough for her? Or maybe a type of litter she doesn't like? Or maybe the other cat has peed in it and she is not prepared to share....!
      A suggestion that usually works is to crumple up some silver foil and put it down where she's been peeing by the door. They hate stepping on it! Clean the area of course first so there's no trace of pee smell there for her to be attracted to.
      Let me know what happens

      Best wishes,


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