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Client Testimonial - Dog's Broken Tooth Fixed

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Dr. Susanna

My dog broke her tooth but it didn't bleed at all. I went to my usual vet who told me they would have to take it out.

Then I asked another vet who suggested a root canal treatment. As I'm a nurse, I knew there was a better way, as the tooth hadn't bled so I thought the pulp might not have been exposed.

I kept searching and found Susanna. She examined the tooth thoroughly and was amazed to see that the pulp had not been exposed even though it was clearly visible.

Luckily, it was protected by the thinnest layer of dentine ever! It was sensitive to the touch, so under a general anaesthetic, Susanna placed a protective layer of composite over the dentine.

She did say that if this composite layer failed, we could get a half crown made to protect the area. So far so good! And no extraction and no root canal. Fingers crossed!

Candy Warren, Wales

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2 comments on “Client Testimonial - Dog's Broken Tooth Fixed”

  1. Thank you for mentioning that it is a good idea to get multiple opinions from veterinarians. My dog had the same issue. I almost went with a vet who was going to take my dogs tooth out but ended up going to a different clinic. They did a root canal. Overall, I am just happy they didn't have to take my dog's tooth out!

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