PET Plus Testimonial - Chronic Colitis Sorted

I don't know whether you remember me, but I spoke to you at the end of the Reading Juice Plus+ conference (27th April 2013) about my dog Harvey who had been suffering with colitis since last summer.

Since then I have switched to giving the dogs filtered water and have been adding Pet Plus to their meal (nothing else at all has changed) and Harvey's poos are no longer covered in mucous!

Its amazing and I am so pleased - thank you so much for the time spent talking to me. I'll be recommending Pet Plus to all my friends and clients … after trying so many different things, both herbal and conventional and I was already feeding them raw … Natural Instinct Special Diet, I've finally found something that works.

My vet kept on telling me that raw isn't good for dogs but I had done a lot of research before switching them over. I'm so pleased the Pet Plus has worked - thank you again for helping us!
Thank you

Jean Handley, London
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