Parasitic Overload And Chronic Infections

Below is a question I was asked by one of my new clients. I felt it would be a good idea to share it with you as parasitic overload and chronic infections can be very common and difficult to treat.

I just ordered Pet Plus for my little rescue cat Gypsy on the recommendation of Sam at the Gryn Cottage Cattery.

We don't know how old she is, possibly about 4 years, but she's always been very tiny. She was infested with fleas and worms and had a bad infection in both ears when we got her which took a long time to clear up with antibiotics and steroids from the vet.

She had scratched away all the fur around her ears but thankfully most of it has now grown back. However her skin is still very dry and large flakes come away whenever we groom her, it also scabs up (I assume from flea bites) and she scratches it so much it takes a long time to heal, just to note I have never found any fleas on her or in the home.

The other major thing about Gypsy is that she's a black cat, or rather she's not, as she's turning brown. Other than that, she is a happy, playful little thing, loves her food (James Wellbeloved wet food) but I just can't help but feel that she's not quite right and it makes me feel guilty that I can't help her!

Looking at your other responses I'm confident Pet Plus will help her, but is there anything else we could be doing? I looked at the Prize Choice website but was a little confused, is it for dogs? I also don't have a freezer (only an ice box) so that may be an issue.

Hazel Shearan

My Response

The patches of dry skin could be flea bites, but more likely it's now an intolerance to her food and/or a deficiency in essential fatty acids. The browning of her lovely black fur could also be a nutritional deficiency.

The Pet Plus supplies all the nutrients she needs, so over time that will all recover, but give it time! It won't repair overnight unfortunately!

You could also improve her food intake by feeding her on raw food. Prize Choice is also for cats. I'm not sure why they just say dogs on it. My cats have been thriving on it for years. You can buy it at Pets At Home and other pet supermarkets. The staff there seem to think it's dog food too!

I also give whole raw little fish, like sprats. They love them! Raw chicken wings are also excellent once they are used to eating raw food. I usually cut the small ends off and give those to the cats; the dogs have the big bits. Sometimes, the cats like to gnaw on the big bits too.

So you could store a few packets of Prize Choice in your freezer compartment. A cat needs 1/4 - 1/2 packet a day, depending on how big, active or old they are. You can judge whether you're giving enough or too much by what happens to her body shape. If she's not filling out, she needs more. If she's getting a bit plump, she needs less!

I also use Verm-x as a daily herbal wormer. They love it and it works. You can buy it online.

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4 comments on “Parasitic Overload And Chronic Infections”

  1. Hi Karen,After the madness of summer hols with the chaotic antics of the kids, I'm horrified to see that I missed your email question on my web site. It got lost in the piles of spam that hit my site at the same time. I'm really sorry.So, how to get them to take the Pet Plus!First of all, just mix one grain of the very fine powder in their food all the time. Then when they're used to that, increase to 2 grains in all their food. And continue gradually increasing in this way. Make sure you mix it in their food, rather than just sprinkling it on the top, otherwise when they sniff their food, it goes up their nose a bit like snuff!! Not good! After a while, you'll be up to the 1/4 tsp for the cats and 1/4, 1/2 or 1 tsp for the dogs, depending on their size.Another option is to mix it to a paste with water or aloe vera and stick it onto their fur around their shoulders (if you put it further down the leg, they flick it off!), then they'll lick it off. Then they get used to it and you can put it in their food.You can also mix it with a little water or aloe vera and syringe the liquid into their mouths. Just put the tip of the plastic syringe into the side of their mouths and squeeze in a little at a time, like maybe a ml at a time. I usually mix it with about 4 mls water, so that'd be 4 little squirts. Be careful to do it in small squirts so they can swallow it without any problems.I'd mix the Pet Plus with the meat and bone rather than sprinkling it on the veggies. I liquidize / pulverize greens, mix that with the meat and bone mince and mix the Pet Plus with the whole lot.When I feed chicken carcasses, which I do every alternate day, I mix the Pet Plus with the cut up bits of meat and bone (ribs and wish bone and other little bits) for the cats. I give the back bone and bigger bits to the dogs with Pet Plus sprinkled inside the back. It soaks up the blood (ugh!) and stays put while they crunch through it.Sometimes I've noticed there's a bad batch of the Prize Choice. Just ring them up and tell them what's wrong and they might replace it.Have you tried Natural Instinct or even better, Honey's Real Dog Food (they do excellent cat food too). Ask them for samples of everything to try. Cats are hunters and would naturally eat their food warm and still wriggling!! So giving them food straight out of the fridge is not so popular So leave it to defrost overnight in a bowl in a cupboard so it is at least at room temperature. You could mix some hot gravy with it to warm it up a bit too, but make sure the final mix is only at body temperature. Higher than that will kill all those valuable enzymes and burn you pet's mouth...both bad ideas!Hope that helps.Again I'm so sorry for not replying sooner.Let me know how you have got on already.Best wishes, Suzi

  2. Hi Susanna,

    Thanks for sending the PetPlus so quickly, I was recommended it by my vet however I am having difficulty getting the animals to eat it? The cats, 2 of them, disappear from their food bowls as soon as they smell it, I have tried the suggestions that I have read on your website re sprats and also tried to tempt them with some Prize Choice but no luck so could I sirringe it into them, my concern with going this route is what to mix it with and will they learn to avoid the sirringe after a couple of days? afterall we want it to be a nice experience don't we?

    One of my cats has taken to the verm-x samples you sent however the other is not touching them?

    The dogs are pretty similar I scattered the petplus on their veggies and even tried some natural yoghurt but they are not interested. They are 18 weeks old and on the BARF diet so please help with any advice you can offer?

    My cats are also not interested in changing to the BARF diet, initially one of them tried the beef prize choice but since then neither of them will go near raw meat or fish?

    Any advice you have would be appreciated.

    Many thanks....

  3. Dear Suzi,
    I was given your website by Ruth of Honeys real dog food for cats(formerly Darlings).
    We have newly got our 2 year old Maine Coon cat onto the raw food again .She is now just managing her daily allowance of raw food but because she will only eat Lamb & Rabbit,Ruth has suggested the petplus which I have now ordered from you.
    Crocus eats 4 meals daily in line with our other cats.Please can you advise me how much she alone should get & if it should be given as one dose or divided into four.
    Also do you just sprinkle it on to the raw food.and should that put her off,(this cat is not daft ) is their another way of giving it to her.
    Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

    Kindest Regards

  4. Hi, my cat suffers terribly from itchy, scabby, rough skin, and I just don't want to keep taking her to the vet for a cortisone injection anymore, I want to try something natural, so I came across your website while I was looking for alternatives, but I am in Australia and wanted to know how I could get some Pet Plus for my cat. Or is there an equivalent product here that i could get? Thank you for your time.

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