Canine Diarrhoea

Loose stools often accompanied by a too frequent defecation in dogs, is known as canine diarrhoea. Canine diarrhoea also occurs in other species but because dogs are such scavengers by nature, it is more common in them.

Causes Of Canine Diarrhoea

When whatever has been eaten is incompletely digested or is irritating to the intestines, canine diarrhoea is the result. It may sometimes be accompanied by vomiting.

Often, once the body has rid itself of the cause, the stools will return to their normal soft but firm consistency.

Sometimes though, intervention is required. If your dog is clearly unwell, go to your vet!

The commonest causes of canine diarrhoea are:

  1. worms
  2. diet and
  3. allergies.

Worms In Canines

Canine diarrhoea can be the result of internal parasite overload, so regular worming is important. I use Verm-X, a herbal wormer, every day.

The dogs and cats love it so I use it as a treat when I put them all to bed at night. This ensures we never have a worm burden in our pets.

Eating Processed Food - The Problems

Fed a processed food diet, the pancreas has to produce massive amounts of enzymes to allow for the digestion of this unnatural "food".

In experiments with rats, researchers found that the pancreas of rats fed a processed food diet is three times larger than the pancreas of rats fed the raw version of the same food.

That just shows how difficult it is to digest food that has been processed. After a while, the pancreas becomes exhausted and less able to produce these enzymes, particularly as it is not being given the raw resources from which to make living enzymes.

Because of this, the digestive process becomes less efficient. This leads to incompletely digested food particles finding their way into the blood, resulting in digestive leukocytosis.

The undigested food particles can also reach the large bowel where the probiotics do their best to complete the digestive process. But the colon is not designed for dealing with digestion!

Its main job is excretion and reabsorption of water. The result is canine diarrhoea, varying in consistency from soft to watery and frequency from normal to uncontrollable.

Dog Allergies

Most dogs are unable to digest dairy products as they lack the enzyme required to digest what is in reality baby food for baby cows.

Some people feel that yoghurt is good because it contains probiotics. Whilst the probiotics are good, the dairy component is awful, so your dog is much better off getting probiotics from a clean source, such as Pet Plus.

Gluten is another common allergen. It is found in most dog biscuits, where cereals are used as cheap fillers. These are totally inappropriate for dogs and cats.

Canine Diarrhoea - The Natural Treatment

If your dog has had diarrhoea for ages, it might take longer to get back to normal than after an acute episode of diarrhoea, but persist!

Treatment comprises of several stages.

Stage One, Day 1

The first thing to do is to give the gut a rest. To this end I recommend 24 hours with no food at all. However access to clean, filtered or bottled water is essential at all times.

It is best to start the treatment regime straight away so as well as giving the gut a rest, you’ll be providing a calming anti-inflammatory to soothe the gut lining, an adsorbant to grab hold of the toxins and take them out of the body and a good source of probiotics to recolonize the gut with healthy bacteria.

How Do We Achieve This?

Aloe Vera Juice / Drink is a wonderful anti-inflammatory available in most health food shops (for humans!). Giving 5 mls for small dogs, 10 mls for bigger dogs 6 times a day works well.

Argiletz Green Medicinal Clay (I can supply that) is an excellent adsorbant. You can mix Β½ tsp (small dogs), 1 tsp (big dogs) in with the aloe vera 3 times a day. This will make the stools look grey as it takes the toxins out of the gut.

Pet Plus provides the best, most rapidly colonizing probiotics, so add ΒΌ tsp to each green clay and aloe vera mixture.

Stage Two, Day 1

They need something to eat now so I suggest a teaspoonful (little dogs) or a tablespoonful (big dogs) of cooled boiled brown rice 6 times daily in addition to stage one’s regime. If that goes down well, you could add a raw egg to the last 3 spoons of rice (less for little dogs).

Stage Three, Days 3 & 4

Add some raw white fish / rabbit (minced with bone is best) to the rice and give a little bit more at each of the 6 servings, in addition to Stage Two. You could alternate between fish and egg if your dog is good with eggs.

Stage Four, Day 5

Reduce the clay to once a day.
Continue the aloe vera 6 times daily.
Continue the Pet Plus mixed in with the food.
Feed more at each meal time.

Stage Five, Days 6 Onwards

Stop the clay as long as the diarrhoea has stopped. Reduce the aloe vera to 4 times daily for 3 days then twice daily for a week then stop it altogether, as long as the stools are firm.

Gradually increase the size of each meal and reduce the frequency. You could introduce some liquidized greens to the white meat / fish and rice. Gradually reduce the rice and stop it after about 3 more days.

After about two weeks in total, everything should be back to normal. Continue with raw white meat / fish, liquidized greens and Pet Plus.

You could gradually introduce other raw meats / fish over the following weeks, following my Diet Sheet.

Continue with the Pet Plus forever! It provides all the nutrients required to keep the gut healthy and balanced, preventing recurrence.

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18 comments on “Canine Diarrhoea”

  1. Hello! Is there anything you can suggest with possible virus with all 4 of mine. One of them is 7 weeks pregnant, been having diarrhea with blood in it, few of them are better now, no more blood, but it is still not fine. Has been already 3 for the pregnant girl, she was the first one to get sick. They all are on antibiotics now, some absorbents, I'm feeding them boiled chicken with rice are Specific digestive support tinned food. They are otherwise feeling totally fine, hungry as always, active and couldn't care less about their runny bottoms.

    1. Oh dear, that's a mess!
      Filtered / glass bottled water to drink, not tap water as the chemicals in tap water are irritating.
      Medicinal clay as an adsorbent (Kaolin or Bentonite clay or Argiletz green clay)
      Aloe Vera drink by mouth to reduce irritation and help intestines to repair. I use Pukka as it is the only one which does not contain chemical preservatives.
      Probiotics (e.g. Pet Plus) to recolonize the gut and prevent the re-colonization of the gut with pathogenic organisms after the antibiotics have wiped out good and bad bugs from the entire body.
      Raw egg is very easy to digest.

  2. Hi there Susanna -- thanks for your reply (also the email). Tim knows Shadow from the age of 4-5 weeks of age (Shadow is now almost 7 years) and Tim also used to treat my horse, so we know each other for quite some time. Unfortunately and sadly, Tim has tried everything he could and he said there is nothing he can do. Tim and I are mailing a lot also and even a couple of days we have as Shadow has gone all 'bronze' coloured on his back. It doesnt cause Shadow any issues, no scratching or the like. I think it is from access local fish, but the meat causes diarrhea and I even go that far to say they add to the seizures. I could be wrong as it is all confusing and a lot to handle for someone like me who never had a dog. The things I have learned over the last 7 years, in particular the last 3.5 years with the epilepsy. So the search goes on.....

  3. I already feed him 6 times a day πŸ™‚ I have done raw organic veg smoothies for him before and it didnt work well. Even the raw organic biona coconut oil doesnt make any visible change. Omega 3 didnt do much. Remember, he had Krill oil and we changed it. Not tried dates before. He loves fruit. Apples bananas melon pears blueberries strawberries mango.... going to give some dates now as being a raw food chef I have all kinds of things here that may be suitable. Started with the fresh aloe vera also. πŸ™‚

    1. Brilliant. He can eat as much fruit as he wants, but not at the same time as meaty food, as the fruit tends to get stuck in the stomach and ferments which can cause bloat and gastric torsion would be the risky consequence of that. So fit the fruit in between meals. The fruit is usually digested and gone from the stomach in less than an hour! How about chia porridge (chia seeds mixed with nut mylk and left to absorb and become firm before feeding to prevent further swelling in the stomach) and sprouted buckwheat? Both are excellent nutritionally dense easily digested foods as I'm sure you know!

      1. I've also just been emailed this, so worth a look, re rosemary and epilepsy.
        I will close by referring you to two well-respected websites, one medical and one veterinary. I suggest your read the section which refers to rosemary as being epileptogenic, and the advice to avoid using rosemary.
        I haven't looked yet, but if he has rosemary in anything, I'd suggest stopping it!!

      2. I will try the chia pudding and make some hemp milk or coconut milk. And he loves his fruit and I give it in between and as far as the Rosemary goes, I have never used it and never will as I KNOW about the implications....I make raw organic vegan skin care products and ALL of my product formulas are so that they ALL agree with neurological issues.... πŸ™‚ I am VERY particular with everything and as I am also a researcher, I research a lot for shadow. Today his poo is slightly better. I am giving him foods that are at their lowest in causing uric acid. I do think that is what the brown / bronze lines on his back are...from the meat. VERY acidic and Dalmatians suffer with uric I was concerned about kidney stones as he really did not look well....and I felt almost mean not to go to the vet...but I know what he will give. MORE I think things are looking up....I know tomorrow if it all stays as it is. Fingers crossed and thanks for being there. I will check the links. πŸ™‚

        1. Just had a look at this for a different dog to calm him down as a bit stressed and v interested to see it is suggested to help epilepsy.

          Thought it might be worth trying

          1. Hi there Susanna -- oh yes, he has had that. NO difference. From Taurine to Digestive enzymes to Pancreatin to B Vits to all kinds of minerals and and and....BUT, one day someone will mention something that will work and that I have not tried yet. πŸ™‚ Keep me posted πŸ™‚ ps. really shaky this morning and also quite a bit of straining...the first 2 poo's are great and the rest is bad-ish to bad.

          2. Hi there Susanna -- I stopped the clay for a bit as I was wondering if that could be the cause or if it could add to the bad tummy?? Shadow had two massive seizures at my daughters. He never had it anywhere else but home, so it really came by surprise and was extremely awful!!! Two within an hour. The second one lasted for at least 7 minutes and I really thought I had lost Shadow. He was flat out on the floor his tongue hanging out and staring ahead of him (after doing all the running etc stuff!) daughters and I covered him in cold wet towels as he was hot almost sweaty with it. He really looked as if he had gone. Shallow breathing also.....and my daughters were crying....and then Shadow just got up. Shook his body and demanded food. He was very wobbly though of course. HEART BREAKING to say the least. In three years my daughters had never seen his seizures, so they were shocked to say the least.

            Shadow lots weight and it is hard to get it back on. He is eating like a horse and I give him frequent meals as for the IBS...... I gave him the clay last night and he did a LOT of poo this morning. He was shaky, the whole body trembling. He did not want to even have his breakfast. He went to bed with my son for another hour and had his horrible epilepsy drugs an hour late with 2 poached organic free range eggs..and he drank a LOT of water. He's not a big drinker, so its unusual. He puffed at the beach walk, so we are now home and he is asleep on the settee.... I gave him a banana and an apple as I am not sure what to feed with an upset stomach? And I am wondering if the morning shaking/trembling is to do with his sugar levels? I don't want to go to the vet as it only means more I am going to research some stuff I could give him for gut inflammation and sickness. The search goes on.....lonely times!!

          3. I really think it's time to see a holistic vet. I'd suggest Tim Couzens on 01825 840966 as he's in your area. His email address is [email protected]
            There are several excellent homoeopathic holistic vets working there. They're all excellent. I'd really suggest you go there. This is all getting out of hand! You poor thing. You're having a really traumatic time of it.

  4. Thank you. I can tell you that the jelly is disgusting. I personally cannot stand Aloe Vera. But I will give it to him in his feed and yes, the inside bit only. Done it before but didnt make any difference. Shadow is a tough one to treat. He has lost so much weight also and looks skinny to me. Ribs showing (no, he has no worms). I am sure it is all to do with the medication but I cannot work my way around it. My first dog and almost 7 years of research and tough times.....BUT he is gorgeous and I love him to bits. It's all worth it and I am learning a lot about neurological issues let alone gut issues. πŸ™‚

    I am giving the clay in his feeds (steamed white fish and the Lily's natural pellets, never ever thought I would even try pellets). So today his first poo was better (ish) and the next 2 straining and watery and very little only. He is restless and HUNGRY. Not sure what to do about it. He never seems satisfied??? He also keeps swallowing as if he feels sick. May be from the clay???

    1. You could feed him 6 times a day and mix the Pet Plus with every meal, so he's getting several small meals every day. That'd be more digestible.
      How about liquidized greens? Do they agree with him?
      Can he tolerate raw coconut oil or omega 3 oil?
      Dried fruit (esp medjool dates) any good to him?

  5. Hi there Susanna -- great to hear back from you. I have 'played' around with the drugs until 'I' found the right dose. I have tried weaning off and in January Shadow was off of everything completely and it was a now he is on 100mg pheno 2 x and 400mg Pexion 2 x.....NOT happy about it and defo not with the long list of side I feel in the end Shadow will have kidney/liver issues from the excessive drugs πŸ™

    ....right. NO. Shadow has NEVER been vaccinated. That is the ONE good thing about getting a puppy from gypsies..... and he is on VermX liquid as in the tabs you mentioned is wheat and some other things he cannot for us it is the liquid the first 3 dasy of the months , so 3 x 10ml.

    I need to get the aloe vera first tomorrow and I make sure it is the pukka. I have many aloe vera plans. Could I use them also??

    Water is filtered.....and Tim (my homeopath) tried everything possible with homeos and they have NO effect.

    I will get the ZINC online in a bit..... His tummy calmed down. No more poo / diarrhea since 11 am. I have fed him scrambled egg, organic free range from a local private house. And I have given him fish locally sourced. I steamed it in water and have given it with the water. I have also given those horrible pellets (Liley's), but it all in all seemed to have calmed the gut down.

    I am not covered by the insurance since April. They wanted Β£99.24 a months and that was without covering epilepsy and IBS, so i I felt if anything happens kidney/liver/digestion wise, they would blame one thing on another and they would not pay. So all in all I am handling it all my way. I also get my 'drugs' from a friend in Spain. They are 3 euros, where here they are Β£90....and the pexion is 80 Euros and here Β£115...... I will give him some green clay tonight in a bit of food.

    Ps. His seizure yesterday was 4 minutes (3 minutes less) and the recovery was much faster.

    1. Well done. Sounds like you've got it sorted.
      Yes, you could feed him the filleted jelly like bit in the middle of the aloe vera plants. That's what the aloe drink is anyway, that mixed with water. I've never tried it myself and have no idea what it tastes like. I think you are not meant to give the outsides of the leaves though, just the jelly in the middle.
      Wise move on insurance. I agree absolutely.

  6. Hi there Susanna. Remember me? And of course Shadow my Dalmatian..... we are still (6.5 years later) having those awful gut issues and he is really straining today and tired. As it's raining we are taking it easy.

    Ive got the green clay here from you, you posted in 2012. And I plan to give it to him. (I also have bentonite clay handy as I use it in my skin care products). Having said that, I cannot do the above fasting for a day etc as Shadow suffers with Epilepsy and I he is on drugs (horrible. After 3 years research I still cannot find an alternative). AND, he is highly intolerant to a lot of foods. One of them is rice. So I am not sure what to do for the better? The just raw doesn't agree with him. My homemade cooked doesn't agree with him at the moment I went to buy pellets today (Liley's, which are grain free and look okish). Sad I have to try pellets, but NOTHING else I can think off. And everything everyone in groups etc suggest doesn't work. So not much I can do and people start thinking I am 'mad' when I say nothing works. But it doesnt...... WHAT am I supposed to do??? And now he has discolouring on his back, which of course he is very white are visible. I KNOW something is very wrong and feel that after almost 7 years and him being my first dog I cannot find the cause or reason and I do not know what to do anymore??? πŸ™

    1. Well done! I remember you very well, with those terrible fits. So glad you've found something to control them, even if it is drugs. Sometimes we need to be grateful to the pharmacological developers don't we!!!
      The clay works by adsorbing the toxins, so even if you carry on feeding him, it will reduce the toxic load in his gut. Probiotics will also help to out-compete the pathogenic bugs that thrive in an environment of toxins.
      So, I'd suggest you give him a heaped teaspoonful of the green clay mixed with 10 mls of aloe vera (I use Pukka as it is chemical free) 4 times daily and a human excellent quality probiotic capsule 4 times daily not at the same moment as the clay, but maybe 2 hours before or after the clay.
      I'm sure all his water is filtered.
      I'm also sure you haven't vaccinated him or given him any chemical wormer or flea or tick treatment.
      How about homoeopathy? Have you ever given that a go?
      The skin discolouration sounds like a more long term mineral deficiency. Epilepsy is often associated with a copper excess and a zinc deficiency, so you might want to look at giving him zinc at about 50 mg per day and maybe even more. I know a wonderful autistic lad who controls his epilepsy with 100 mg zinc daily. If he goes below this amount, his fits start up again. I'm sure you know, zinc and copper antagonize each other in the body, so if one is deficient, the other is relatively excessive.

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